about friendship

friendship means trust, lies, pain, power, nearness, secrets, compormises, loneliness, truth
and friendship means not love



  1. Friendship means much more than love. Love is fleeting, friendship should not be. Friendship is about trust, about being there for each other, about caring. It's about helping the other person to make sense of things, of life. Love is for confusion, friendship should not be. I do not think power belongs into friendship, more so it's a place where people should be equal. Friendship is about more than one person.

  2. Anonymous2/23/2010

    Hmh, ich verstehe den Zusammenhang von Fotos und Text ehrlich gesagt nicht so ganz.

  3. also, friendship should be part of love.

  4. Jochen2/23/2010

    Erinnert an die Fotoszene zwischen Teresa und Sabina in der unerträglichen Leichtigkeit des Seins. Ja, der Text passt sehr gut!

  5. @ktinka: what you said is just what we expect friendship to be like - it is just a normative expectation in such things.
    but what i wanted to write about, are the things that happen in reality. and so it is, that in friendships you find yourself in positions concerning power, secrets and disharmony. and what a friendship SHOULD be in such case: make it through anyway!


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